SEM/EDS General Analysis

A general SEM imaging or microanalysis service is available. The system is available as either self-drive or with a expert operator. Charges are based on either a daily, or weekly rate. Equipment available – 30 kV ESEM with 150×150 mm stage, EDS X-ray spectrometer, sample preparation equipment.

Price On Demand : Please contact Ardennes Analytique.
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Particle Analysis / Phase Analysis Service

Automated particle sample searching can be carried out. Samples can be of environmental origin, collected on air sampling filters looking for airborne contaminants.

Mineral samples comprising precious metal particles can also be assayed automatically. Charges are based on either a fee per sample run, or a daily or weekly rate.

Classification throughput of 1000-4000 particles per hour is achievable.
For more information, please contact Ardennes Analytique.