GSR Emulators allow you to review run data off line and remotely from the electron microscope. It also allows modification of class definitions and subsequent automatic reclassification of run data. These programs are also useful for training new users of GSR SEM technique.

BallisticSEM is software for the examination and comparison of ballistic evidence in the SEM. BallisticSEM permits microscopists to conveniently image the surfaces of bullets and cartridge cases. The system allows manipulation of two bullets or cartridge cases in a similar way to the stages provided with optical ballistic comparison microscopes. Both samples can be rotated continuously and independently in the SEM vacuum. The optional Flatview™ facility permits the images of the curved surfaces of bullets and cartridge cases to be automatically scanned and compiled into portfolios. Flatview™ images are images whose Y-axis is a near one-dimensional image slice through the sample, and whose X-axis represents degrees of sample rotation. These images make comparisons of the entire cylindrical surfaces of samples simple and convincing.

SurveyXT is a navigation tool for large samples enabling you to quickly create large-area electron and optical montages. These permit you to examine large surface areas to pick out details of interest for more in-depth analysis. You can image areas up to the maximum travel of your SEM stage, yet pick out features smaller than 1µm!Emulateurs GSR: Permet de réviser vos données hors ligne et à distance du microscope à balayage électronique. Il autorise également une modification des définitions des classes et une reclassification automatique ultérieure des données récoltées. Le programme est aussi utile pour la formation des nouveaux utilisateurs BallisticSEM: Logiciel pour l’examen et la comparaison des preuves balistiques dans le MEB SurveyXT: Outil de navigation pour de grands échantillons placés dans le MEB