Software description

An integral part of the Ardennes Analytique software package is an advanced automatic calibration procedure that allows complete set-up and dynamic readjustment of the microscope column, motorized stage, backscattered electron detector (BSD), and X-ray analysis system without the need for operator intervention. The system is designed to operate successfully using either the Robinson scintillator or solid-state backscattered electron detectors.

The dedicated GSR analysis program is a fully embedded software package available for analytical scanning electron microscopes made by different manufacturers (e.g. Tescan, FEI, Zeiss).

If the intensity of the electron beam varies during a run, GSR particles may no longer fall within the pre-selected threshold levels. To cope with this contingency, a calibration is performed between samples. This is also helpful during long runs to guarantee the reliability of long-run analysis. Because of height differences between samples, auto focus can be applied for each stub or even for each field. Through calibration, the SEM column and the BSD can be dynamically adjusted to yield reproducible results.