Once the run has started, critical data on each detected particle are stored in spreadsheet format to yield a complete results file. This file can be reviewed, particle by particle, directly after the run has been completed or at a later date. A single-page, easy-to-read report is automatically generated by the GSR software after each sample has been analyzed. A complete GSR parameter list or stub particle map can also be printed.

Stub particle map to show all detected particles per sample.

The stub particle map shows all detected particles in the sample.

GSR Spectra Utility.

GSR Spectra Utility for fast investigation of the stored spectra.

The stub particle map shows an overview of all detected particles, classified by type. Using the special GSR Spectra Utility software, all detected and classified particles can be investigated and printed in a handy format, together with particle data. This fast spectra-viewing utility helps to save time reviewing the many individual spectra generated during the unattended run. Fast single-page report generation is possible, including an image of the particle, its spectrum and text.