Relocating GSR particles

Relocation and reconfirmation of classes is often required. Particles can be revisited easily for further imaging and verification by a simple double click on the particle number. The high-precision stage of a motorized SEM will center and zoom the particle automatically. In this way each particle will be easily relocated. The GSR analysis can be started within the GSR application to acquire a spectrum over longer time. This can be saved on disc and used in the final report. The accuracy of the relocation is very important because of the small size of many GSR particles (approximately 0.5 – 2 microns). After relocation, the analysis for confirmation is made at a magnification of about 2000 – 5000x. The motorized stage of the SEM in a busy crime lab will make a few million movements per year. A high-precision motorized stage is, therefore, a must. The ability to search automatically at a low magnification is a standard procedure included in the GSR software program. This helps to reduce the number of stage movements and reduce SEM maintenance costs.

Automatic relocation of GSR

Any particle can be easily relocated using the GSR software.

Please note this GSR software may not achieve full specifications on all models of SEM. For further information on specific SEMs, or details of the GSR software, please contact us.