GSR Emulator Software

Fully Automated GSR Emulator Software for Particle Analysis

This software module runs on a stand-alone PC (under Windows NT or W2000). Reclassification can easily be carried out off-line, leaving the SEM free to start a new run. The emulator program has the same features as the latest version of the GSR software on the SEM system. The program allows for the speedy and precise classification of the particles from data obtained during GSR scans, while allowing the SEM to continue with other classification scans. Chemical class definitions different from, or additional to, the original run’s class definitions can be used to reclassify the data off-line. The PC running the emulator program can access the runtime data either via removable discs or over a local network. This addition to the classification and analysis capabilities of the SEM allows for a substantial increase in productivity at minimum cost.

The GSR emulator program also allows new users and students to train in almost all aspects of the operation of the GSR system without spending time on the SEM.

The emulator program, in combination with the new relocatable sample holder, has the potential to reduce lead times between the receipt of a sample and the production of the report, especially if extensive verification or re-evaluation of results of earlier GSR runs are required. For further information contact us.