BallisticSEM Specifications

Above: A gallery of images showing the ballistic substage with bullets, cartridge cases and motor drives. (All images Calibration Standards Copyright)

BallisticSEM – Ballistic Comparison Substage

  • Accommodates bullets and cartridge casings for all common ammunition
  • Direct comparison of two independently rotatable samples (2 motors)
  • Rotation via table-top controls
  • Substage mount compatible with GSR relocating substage system without removal of GSR standard
  • Rotation speeds from 1 to 40 deg/second
  • Bidirectional rotation
  • BallisticSEM Comparison Software

Software capabilities

  • Live viewing and comparison of images from two independent video sources
  • Live images can be taken from SEM directly (overlay), via RS-170 CCTV capture devices (Osperey and Coreco), IEEE 1394 Firewire Digital Video sources such as cameras and camcorders, and from the network. Image capture facility functions with any DirectX 9 compatible video source as well as some older VFW sources
  • Interactive feature measurement tool
  • Automatic calibration of SEM magnification
  • Interactive image comparison tools (live overlay, correlation and image merging)
  • Images portfolios capability allowing images of similar subjects to be saved as a group. Images in a portfolio can be of numerous popular or older file types, be of any resolution and be in any accessible location.
  • Multi-page TIFF image storage
  • SEM control panel (stage and beam Quanta and XL compatible)
  • BallisticSEM Options

Motor drives

Position indexed substage motors (1 or both axes) with software control integrated into BallisticSEM interface. Positioning accuracy 0.1 degrees. Speeds adjustable between 1 and 40 deg/second.


  • Images stored at 786 x 384 resolution in color or b/w compressed or uncompressed
  • Requires at least one motor to have the position indexing option
  • Flatview(TM) portfolios allow comparison of patterns on bullets with archives of know types.


  • BallisticSEM is available for Quanta 400 and 600 SEMs, XL40 and XL30 (with 100 x 100 stages)
  • XP or W2000
  • 1 spare RS232 port
  • 1 spare SEM port (either 55 or 60 mm type)

XL Specific Options:

  • Second PC running XP or W2000 and 1280/1024 24 bit video
  • Ethernet connections between XL and second PC
  • 1 or 2 video capture cards or DV sources (only if additional live channels required)